A Binchmark Owned & Operated Development

PR Flight provides targeted business presentation and development services to increase customer engagement, and support sales efforts.

Services Provided: Corporate Business Presenation Development, Presentation Training, Project & Campaign Development Services

A Binchmark Owned & Operated Development

Greater24 is the first positive communications network. Greater24 fuses media, social engagement campaigns, and project development to impact a global community. 

The project was founded on two key principles for positive social change every 24 hours. These areas include an emphasis on personal self-improvement and community involvement every day for a greater society. This is where the name Greater24 originated. Since its inception, Greater24 now has grown into the first all positive news, media and information network. Greater24 combines professional media, outreach campaigns and project development to impact area communities locally and abroad. The network represents a series of social networks, press productions, publications, audio features and television broadcasts. Greater24 is supported by small businesses and corporations. The network is supported by small and corporate sponsorships. Greater24 reaches individuals in over 40 cities and 7 countries and growing.

Services Provided: Positive Entertainment Content Broadcasting/Streaming, Advertising, News, Publishing